Fed Court Gmail opinion creates eDiscovery trap for both sides

A New York judge has flung the email discovery door wide open, granting unfettered access to a Gmail account. Judge Gabriel W. Gorenstein may as well have ordered both sides to spend more time, more money, and work much harder than they need to.


Evidence Source: Federal agency keeps detailed travel records on individuals

Cyrus Farivar was surprised by the detail in his 76-page travel dossier, generated by travel industry software and retained by U.S. Customs and Border Control. A privacy outrage, perhaps, but a valuable eDiscovery source.

Business travelers beware: hotels are dangerous places, period.

You’ve been warned, by none other than the U.S. Secret Service, that the computers in hotel business centers are attractive targets for information thieves. Habeas Hard Drive wishes to point out that plenty of schemes exist to slurp up digital assets from business travelers, and to physically steal laptops and mobile devices from hotel environments.