North Carolina Lawfirm loses digital records to CryptoLocker attack

Habeas Hard Drive has been warning about CryptoLocker since last fall. This attack shows up in booby-trapped  emails.  It encrypts your data, and holds it for ransom. Now we learn of a law firm that’s lost its files to the Cryptolocker. Attorney Paul Goodson told a local television station that he paid the ransom, but […]

eDiscovery Twist: Las Vegas RICO trial spotlights important distinction between Yahoo Mail and Gmail

Employees of the world’s two largest free email providers recently testified back-to-back at a Federal trial in Las Vegas, about their respective policies for email archiving. Google and Yahoo each sent a witness to authenticate disks containing email evidence in a trial that produced the first-ever RICO conviction for an online conspiracy to trade stolen […]

Questions arising when a child finds dirty pictures on Dad’s “new” refurbished smartphone

Dad wasn’t pleased, after he purchased two refurbished cell phones he believed to be new, and his son immediately found photos and videos of naked folks doing nasty things on one of the devices. Dad’s lawsuit naming Sprint “and affiliates” claims the stars of the show were store employees who sold him the phones. Sprint […]