Porn lawsuit intended to send Facebook a message: Be responsive to privacy violations

Habeas Hard Drive’s own experience bears out the claim that damsels-in-distress have a very tough time making Facebook care about revenge porn. It’s agonizing for the humiliated party, who needs help from the social media site to positively identify the harasser or to remove the offending material, or both. The weeks turn into months with no action from Facebook.

Whistleblower in George Zimmerman prosecution highlights digital evidence challenges

The George Zimmerman trial was rich in spectacle, but amidst the dialog about race and guns, there was a digital evidence drama that got lost. Florida State Attorney Angela Corey fired her IT director after he testified during a pre-trial hearing that her discovery report omitted evidence he had recovered from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone. […]

SEC v. Tourre: Does anyone still need to be persuaded that personal email doesn’t belong on the company network?

News Coverage of a high-profile securities fraud trial reminds us of the perils of using company email for personal communication.  Recall that former Goldman Sachs trader and defendant Fabrice Tourre is accused of civil fraud in a suit arising from the sale of certain securities that he allegedly knew were part of a hedge fund […]

Dating websites: Getting better digital evidence, and more of it

We were not surprised to see this item from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, with the results of a survey showing that evidence in divorce cases comes increasingly from dating websites.  AAML members overwhelmingly (59%) said they’re using more from dating sites, citing and eHarmony as the top sources. Here’s the Habeas Hard […]

Lawyers may need to opt out of LinkedIn; FTC ruling on breached companies; Warning from FBI to protect attorney reputation

In this issue of Habeas Hard Drive:  Item: A lawyer has opted out of LinkedIn because LinkedIn appears to know a little too much about the laywer’s practice.  Feature Story: FTC now coming down on companies that breach customer data. (Yes, it was an inadvertent breach!)  Item from the FBI: So you retire after years of stellar service as an attorney. Suddenly “you” (your stolen […]