Insurers and corporate boards demand accountability for data breaches

A legal mess ensues when an insurance company denies cybercrime coverage because the insured failed to protect the data. And corporate boards are starting to hold CEOs accountable for data breaches. Click headline to read more.


Posted without comment: Wall Street Journal Reader Sees Liability Bonanza

Habeas Hard Drive read with interest this sentiment from a letter-writer to the Wall Street Journal opinion page: “If I were a trial lawyer, I would be licking my chops when driverless cars become a reality.” Click Headline to read the full letter.

A walk down Liability Lane: Unraveling retail credit card breaches

The “freaky-fast” sandwich shop Jimmy John’s, and Home Depot have both been hit by point-of-purchase system attacks. At minimum, the two companies might be accused of failure to perform due diligence of various kinds. But beneath the surface, there are astonishing details for curious litigators.

Porn lawsuit intended to send Facebook a message: Be responsive to privacy violations

Habeas Hard Drive’s own experience bears out the claim that damsels-in-distress have a very tough time making Facebook care about revenge porn. It’s agonizing for the humiliated party, who needs help from the social media site to positively identify the harasser or to remove the offending material, or both. The weeks turn into months with no action from Facebook.