Evidence source: Dropbox attack victims may be employees who ignored their company’s policies

Cyberattacks against Dropbox are proliferating. Just as litigators have been forced into familiarity with social media as a source of evidence, they will also get to know Dropbox.

As Dropbox and similar file-sharing services are more widely adopted, and as their contents escalate in value – intellectual property and human resources data come to mind – they will be a growing source of leaked information and cyberattacks. Examining security policy, and its enforcement around file-sharing products, will be a key task for litigators, as will discovering which employees have complied and which have not. Click headline to read more.

Digital security snake oil: Vendors capitalizing on media attention regarding data breaches

Until recently, evangelizing for data security was like shouting into the wind. Even regulated industries and companies with a high risk of data theft would often yawn and shrug.  Among those entities that understood the consequences of a date breach, many paid lip service to security. Two things have changed. First — data breaches are […]